Building things better than they need to be since 1999.

Stay-Straight Manufacturing has developed a reputation among some of Chicago’s leading architects, designers and builders as the millwork company to rely on when a demanding project calls for unique solutions and uncompromising quality.

Stay-Straight is adept at working in all manner of architectural styles and can call upon a wide network of artisans to assist in providing related specialty items such as metal work and glass work. The staff at Stay-Straight Mfg. have a deep experience and understanding of architecture and how cabinetry and furniture can integrate with and support the overall purpose of the built environment.

Stay-Straight Mfg. was founded in 1999 by Louis Brandt. Stay-Straight Mfg. originally set out to make canvas stretchers, pedestals and related items for artists, museums and galleries. Calling on his experience as a fine artist while completing his MFA degree at the University of Chicago, Mr. Brandt developed a unique system for stretchers that solved the common problem of paintings that warped their stretchers, thus the name Stay-Straight Mfg. While serving the arts community, Stay-Straight Mfg. continued to design and fabricate furniture and cabinetry.

Stay-Straight Mfg. now solely focuses on building furniture and cabinetry for the residential and commercial markets. The experience of our staff with art, architecture, and millwork puts us in a unique position to work closely with our clients to engineer pieces that are both functional and well crafted, while remaining true to the vision of the client. We view our role as to assist our clients in taking a design from conception to completion in the most effective manner possible, resulting in work that is at once beautiful, durable, and functional.

The process of building a new piece of furniture or cabinetry begins with our clients designs. From these, we develop shop drawings based on our own field measurements, and with consideration of such issues as plumbing, electrical, appliances, and site conditions. Our shop drawings detail exactly how each piece will be constructed, what type of hardware will be used, and how each piece relates to others and to the room it is to be installed in. We provide finish samples for everything we build, and work diligently to assure that all facets of the job, from materials to fabrication to installation are coordinated for a trouble free project. Throughout a project, we keep in close contact with the client, the architect, and the contractor so that the finished millwork intersects seamlessly with the work of all of the other trades people involved.